Jax Play A Few Toys that Kids Can Share on the Playground

My Search for Great Toys that Kids (3yr to 6yr) Can Share on the Playground


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We’ve taken Skylar to several playgrounds with plenty of other kids around. Something we noticed was how many kids bring toys for just themselves. My boy would take his toy and run up to another kid his age that happens to have his own toy or no toy at all. Either Skylar and the new playmate would have to figure out how to share one toy or go through the uncomfortable situation of one kid realizing their toy is vastly cooler and bigger than the other’s. I watched Skylar attempt to share his hot wheel’s car with a kid who had a remote-control car bigger than my foot that could roll upside down and keep driving around without missing a beat. Skylar’s offering wasn’t convincing enough for the other kid to reciprocate. I don’t blame him.

I’ve begun my search for toy’s that kid’s might be able to share on the playground, granted both kids might have to be interested in the same play things.

My search criteria are as follows:

  1. The toy must be reasonably inexpensive. Other kids don’t value toys as much if it’s not their own.
  2. It must lend itself to requiring at least two kids to play so that sharing is pretty much required.
  3. The toy must be safe. Can you image a toy you purchased becoming the source of an accident for someone else’s kid? Yikes!
  4. This list is good for the age range of 3 to 6 years.
  5. I make no references to gender here because… well… fluff that mess, that’s why. Kiddos like the toys they like.

Here is what I came up with.

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle (2 Pack)

Most playgrounds have some decent ground medium, whether it is sand or mulch. Skylar loves playing with these kinds of trucks, rolling them down hills or filling them with dirt. It would be nice to have a 2nd truck to offer a playmate and since this pack is a 2 set, it’s perfect. My kiddo could invite anyone to play whether they have their own toy or not.

Boley 5 Piece Dinosaur Set

Dinosaurs are always a favorite with kids. These toys made with a soft plastic material. This makes them great for the playground where kids are running around without watching where they are going and potentially throwing things that should never be airborne.  This set of five is good for imaginative play without going overboard with options and the potential for losing a dinosaur on the playground.

Beach Ball

Beach balls are just delightful! I’ve not heard anyone complain about a beach ball. Have you? Unless a kid tries to stand on one of these (let’s not rule it out), these are safe and easy to share. Beach balls have this magical way of becoming completely boring if there isn’t two or more people around. The fun in beach balls require sharing!

 Activ Flyer (2 Pack)

These are light weight, easy to throw replacements for frisbees. Buy them in a two pack and even if the kiddos don’t want to throw them, they can still share and accomplish some other agenda! Kids like throwing things, but on the playground and around a bunch of other kids, flying objects need to be not so dangerous. These are soft in comparison to other flying toys, so other kids in passing aren’t putting their little heads in danger.

Let’s Go Play!

After doing a little research, I realize finding toys that are safe and fun for everyone on the playground is a bit tough. With so many choices, kids can bring toys that entertain their own personal tastes, but sometimes this leaves other kids out or they can’t find someone to share with. Being able to share without strife gives kiddos the opportunity to be social and friendly without wondering if they need to protect their territory. Of course, when things get unfriendly, parents step in, but gosh, it’s nice when everything goes smoothly.

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